Coffee plays an important part in the day of people all around the world. Whether you work in an office, on a construction site or in a hospital, many people need coffee to give them an all-important boost in the morning or towards the end of a tiring day. It’s good, then, that there are so many brilliant coffee machines to choose from nowadays – but which ones are best? Nu Vending have handpicked a few of the best workplace coffee machines on the market today. 



WMF 1500S+ Tabletop Coffee Machine

The WMF 1500S+ packs in a range of fantastic, innovative features that enhance the quality of every cup of coffee, rather than detracting from it. With a dynamic milk system, you can create four different consistencies of milk to suit your drink of choice. Whether you’d like the velvety texture of a latte or a foamier cappuccino, this machine allows you to make exactly what you want whilst feeling like a barista. The 10-inch touchscreen means the machine is very easy to use, too. 

As it’s a tabletop machine, it’s ideal for smaller workplaces or workplaces with little kitchen floor space – while it may be small, it doesn’t skimp on any features, so you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth.


Neo Floorstanding Coffee Machine

The Neo coffee machine is another example of excellent innovation. A floorstanding machine with a sleek black design, it’ll fit seamlessly into any room that has the space to accommodate it.

It dispenses fantastic coffee in a range of varieties – your mochas, lattes and cappuccinos are all catered for – and one special feature is its ability to detect whether or not a user is using their own mug. If no mug is placed under the dispenser, it automatically dispenses a cup itself. It also accepts contactless payment, which is particularly helpful in a world where more and more people are using cards and smartphones instead of cash.


Jura Giga X3c Tabletop Coffee Machine

The Jura Giga X3c is different in that it’s a tabletop coffee machine, but it’s ideal for bigger workplaces due to its capacity and speed. One of its best features is the ability to make two hot drinks at the same time – that means less time queuing behind colleagues, and less work for those selected to do the drinks round in the morning. With up to 43 programmable drinks available via the touchscreen display, it couldn’t be easier to use. 


Whether you need a floorstanding coffee machine for your office or a tabletop coffee machine for your college’s staff room, choose Nu Vending for your new state-of-the-art coffee machine. We’re proud to supply customers across London with the best range of coffee machines on the market, ensuring we can cater for the needs of any client. From the installation of your machine to regular maintenance to keep it fully stocked and functional, we do it all. Contact us today to see how we can help you.