When we look at how well a business is performing, we often look at the basics – how much money is it making, how many sales, how much profit – a lot of financial statistics. However, in order for a business to be successful, in order for it to reach its targets and aims, it needs happy, motivated staff. Here, the team at Nu Vending will look at the ways good staff morale will help your business thrive.

productive work environment


Staff retention

If you keep your staff happy, they’ll want to work for you. While good wages and bonuses might be the main focus for some people, many people just want to work in a place where they feel valued, and if you can give them that, you’re unlikely to see many of your staff leaving in search of better employment. This means you don’t have to waste time and resources trying to recruit and train new staff to replace the ones you’ve lost.

Increased productivity

If your staff feel valued, respected and included whilst at work, they will naturally take a stronger interest in the fortunes of the company and work harder to achieve goals, whether those goals are specific to them or wider targets for the business as a whole. This creates a positive cycle; achieving goals increases the positive atmosphere, which leads to increased productivity, which leads to more targets being met, which leads to… you get the idea.

Reduced absences

If two people feel a little under the weather and one works in a place where they feel valued, doing work they enjoy, and the other doesn’t, it’s fair to say that one of them is more likely to phone in sick than the other. Making employees feel valued will mean they feel more committed to your company, so may think twice before calling in sick. Reduced absences means less sick pay and fewer hours of work lost.

A better reputation

The working environment of a company is a key factor in a person’s choice of whether or not they might apply for a take a job at said company. If you’ve cultivated a good working environment with happy staff, they’ll be happy to talk up their workplace to their friends or people they know who are looking for employment. Lots of people check workplace review sites before applying to work there, and employee satisfaction will feature prominently in most reviews.

Staff morale is incredibly important for a business. As well as contributing to productivity and the performance of your business, it also generates an enjoyable atmosphere that makes your business a better place to be. People should enjoy their jobs, and if you can do your part to boost morale, then benefits will be felt by the staff and business alike. From flexible hours to remote working, to something as easy as consistent feedback and communication between staff and management – make your staff feel valued and they’ll work hard for you.

Why not implement refreshments and snacks into the workplace? Fruit, confectionery, sandwiches and drinks can give people the boost they need to be at their best during the day. Nu Vending are proud to provide a range of vending machines for offices of all sizes, from cold to hot drinks, confectionery to fresh fruit, all delivered and regularly topped up for your convenience. For more information, please get in touch with us today.