It’s at this time of the year that everyone’s minds turn to being more healthy and responsible in their eating, drinking and exercise habits. Our diets play a major part in our health, so it seems like a good time to provide a list of office snacks to boost concentration and improve general health.

Snacking at work is one of the trickier aspects of our diets, often boredom and laziness can inform what we eat, but what we really need is something to help our minds stay focused to get the job done. Take a look at some of our suggestions for concentration boosting snacks – with added health benefits to boot!

7 Snacks to Boost Concentration

Dark Chocolate

While it might seem a little too good to be true, remember that we’re talking about dark chocolate here, so you can still stick to any healthy New Year’s resolution. Helping to improve the blood flow to your brain, releasing endorphins and reducing any drowsy feeling, a small amount of dark chocolate might be just what you need.

snacks to boost concentration - dark chocolate


Bananas are considered a common fruit these days, but we should give them more credit. You’ll no doubt have heard plenty of positive stuff about bananas, but it’s the vitamin B6 which will help improve your concentration at your desk by boosting serotonin levels.



You’ve got to treat coffee right. Abuse it by drinking too much and you’ll struggle to sleep, feel jittery and probably stain your teeth. Drink it in reasonable quantities however and you’ll get the caffeine stimulant you need to get you through the day, with increased levels of concentration and activity.

office coffee

Pumpkin Seeds

Larger than your average seed, these flat, green seeds are a great source of zinc, which just happens to be handy for keeping your brain nice and agile when it comes to tasks – it can also help improve your memory. If you don’t fancy grinding a mouthful of seeds on their own, there are plenty of snack bars which contain them to help the medicine go down.

pumpkin seeds


The rise of the avocado can be seen as being slightly pretentious. It’s true that this fruit has got a hipster reputation of late, but it’s great for boosting the communication of one brain cell to another, so try eating it in combination with anything else you’re snacking on to reap the rewards.



Much like bananas, mangoes provide a much needed hit of potassium, giving you extra energy for a day of work. It’s also said that mangoes are a brain fruit, improving the brain’s regular function. Add in the fact that this fruit is a source of vitamin C and you’ve got a powerful snack for your working day.



Pick a nut, any nut, they’re all good (as long as you don’t have an allergy). Giving a helpful boost to your cognition, tree nuts like almonds and walnuts have plenty of vitamins and omega-3. Nuts can also be great at helping to stave off hunger, so keep some handy at work for when you’re feeling peckish and sluggish.


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