What comes to mind when you think of a vending machine? For many, it’s chocolate or fizzy drinks; these were staples of many a childhood, many a school and many a leisure centre – in some cases, they still are. However, the vending industry has changed considerably since the days when Mars Bars were only 50p, and there’s now an unbelievable variety of vending machines around the world. In this article, we’re going to look at the rise of pizza vending machines.

France’s pizza vending pioneers 

SmartPizza, a product of French company APITech, is a pioneering pizza vending system that can be found around the country. Entrepreneurs can purchase one of two SmartPizza machines – the 64-pizza-capacity Diva and the 96-capacity Julia – and install them either indoors or outdoors. Once you have your own SmartPizza machine, you can access and edit the system remotely – change product photos, set the storage temperature, check stock levels and alter cooking settings. The machines can run 24/7, with pizzas being dispensed either hot or cold – if a hot pizza is desired, the machines use their deck ovens to provide restaurant-quality baking. What’s more, the machine can be fully styled in branding of your choosing!

Rome’s first pizza vending machine

Following closely from France, one of the first pizza vending machines appeared in Rome, a place where pizza is taken extremely seriously. Mr Go Pizza, developed by Massimo Bucolo, offers four different types of pizza for hungry passers-by, all for €4.50-€6. This pizza isn’t just waiting to be dispensed, either: once you’ve put your money in, the pizza machine kneads the dough and adds the toppings before presenting your pizza in a box with cutlery. Whether you’re intrigued by the idea or not, the addition of a visible preparation process is certainly welcome. 

Bristol, the UK’s home of pizza vending

Following in Rome’s footsteps, Bristol now has its very own pizza vending machine – the only such installation in the UK. The machine appeared in late 2020 as part of local pizza hotspot Pizza Bella – with lockdown in effect at the time, owner Sina Kiaei devised a plan to ensure Bristolians could still enjoy Pizza Bella’s much-loved food, and the restaurant could maintain a source of income. The Pizza Bella machine provides a range of toppings and flavours – including vegetarian and vegan options – that are cooked after payment and dispensed to the customer.

Pizza vending machines are only in their infancy, but there’s no doubt they’ll increase as more and more people see the benefit of grabbing a slice (or a whole pizza) on their way through town. With another pizza vending machine set to open in Glasgow, perhaps it won’t be long before you see one near you. 

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