Think of vending machines and most of us are likely to bring to mind the large examples often found in staff canteens, leisure centres, train stations and the like. Machines designed for use by multiple people and comprising rows and rows of crisps, chocolate, fizzy drinks and other tempting treats.

But vending machines don’t have to be so big; these days, vending machines can come in all shapes and sizes and can be kept everywhere from a small office to your own living room or even at the desk you work at.

Some mini vending machines are designed to stock just a handful of different drinks cans – one model available in Japan is just over 25 inches tall and 9 inches wide and holds up to ten 350ml cans, perfect to be placed on your desk. Alternatively, another machine on the market offers four choices of crisps, eight of confectionary and another eight of drinks cans – all in a compact box just 1000mm high and 784mm wide.

Here at Nu Vending, we’re big fans of everything related to vending machines so this month, although they’re not something we yet supply, we’re going to be celebrating the magic of mini vending machines.



Mini vending machines for the home or office

For some people, owning their own home vending machine sounds like heaven. Regardless of the fact that you could easily keep everything likely to be found inside far more easily elsewhere in the house, there’s something about making your selection and hearing it drop into the tray below that never fails to delight.

Alternatively, if you’re far too busy working to be able to take the time out to pop to the corner shop, you could also place a small machine right next to your home office desk so you can top up your calories or energy levels without having to move an inch.


Small vending machines for smaller companies and spaces

Of course, a mini vending machine doesn’t just have to be an indulgent toy for fans of snacks and gadgets. They can also fulfil a perfectly practical function in places that just don’t have the space or staff numbers to make a larger machine worthwhile.

In either case, a smaller or slimmer vending machine than the normal might be the most sensible decision you could make, and would save powering and stocking a larger machine when it’s not really needed.

It’s not just smaller vending machines that stock snacks that are becoming more popular. Coffee machines are also being minimised for the benefit of businesses with only a handful of employees who want access to top-quality coffee at the press of a button. We supply a fantastic range of tabletop hot drinks machines that are perfect for the smaller workspace.

Here at Nu Vending, we supply traditional vending machines, together with a wide range of coffee machines and water dispensers, to businesses and organisations across London and the Home Counties. Many of the machines on our website are available from stock for rapid supply and installation – just one of the reasons we’re the number one choice for vending solutions in the area.

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