Vending machines are most commonly associated with sweet treats like chocolate bars, crisps and fizzy drinks. Today, there are all kinds of vending machines available in offices, retail environments and even on the street – you can buy a sandwich, a ready meal, even DVDs with the touch of a button. In this article, we’re going to focus on the increasing popularity of a certain type of machine – the milk vending machine. 

Milk vending machines’ increasing popularity arose from a greater focus on sustainability and the need to support dairy farmers to ensure they get a fair income for their produce. 




Milk vending machines do dispense milk in bottles and cartons, but they also encourage people to bring their own refillable bottles to collect their milk. This cuts down on plastic waste – although plastic milk bottles are recyclable, there’s still a lot of people who put their milk bottles in the wrong bins, leaving them to be sent to landfill. By reusing bottles, this problem is reduced. 

Secondly, as the milk is supplied by the farm and the vending machines are often on the farm itself, the emissions otherwise generated by transporting milk to supermarkets and shops are completely eliminated. There’s also no need for packaging up bulk orders, either. 


Supporting local

Now, more than ever, it’s important to support local businesses. As COVID-19 hits every business in the pocket, it’s the independent ones who will suffer the most, and so people are making a serious effort to support their local vendors where they can. 

Dairy farmers are not paid huge amounts for their produce. In fact, the price farmers receive for their cows’ milk often just about covers the costs of production. By buying milk from milk vending machines, the money is going directly to the farm, rather than to supermarket chains or large dairy companies who take a huge chunk of profits. 


Experience and taste

Aside from the benefits to the farm and to the environment, buying milk from a vending machine on a farm is a generally more pleasant experience. It’s a lovely thing to do on a sunny day, and there’s a real sense of satisfaction in knowing that you’re helping a farmer earn more money for their work. 

Secondly, milk from a milk vending machine tastes better! The aforementioned lack of transportation means that the milk is extremely fresh, and the taste will be all the nicer for it. Thirdly, there’s something very wholesome about getting milk in a glass bottle – once you get your first bottle from a vending machine, you can bring it back time and time again.

As a greater interest arises in how we can shop locally and reduce our impact on the environment, milk vending machines will only become more popular. Soon, farms all over the country may have vending machines at their gates, as people queue for another helping of the freshest milk money can buy. 

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