Whether you’re planning an office relocation because your business is expanding or because you need to lower costs, there will be a lot of different factors to consider for the move.

Your most pressing concern will no doubt be how you can avoid downtime as much as possible. If you have to cease operations completely in order to carry out a move, this makes thinking about the following factors even more important, as you’ll want to be back up and running as quickly as possible. Remember, every day you spend dedicated to the move is potential custom lost.


Large or small, furniture has to be moved from one location to another. Having a moving company can help with this, as they’ll be able to take care of the heavy lifting, but there will still be organisational tasks for you to perform.

Think about what furniture is essential for you to carry out business in your new premises, and save the rest for later. You could also take this opportunity to get rid of old furniture and create a fresh start with clean, undamaged items for staff to have.

Space might be a factor if your new offices are considerably larger or smaller than what you have now. Which leads on to the next point.


If you’ve signed a lease for new premises, the chances are that you’ll have already checked the floorplans to establish how much space you have to play with. But you should also be sitting down to draw out where you plan to have furniture, which areas will be communal and where you think meetings will be held in this space.

It’s important to decide what will work well in which areas, making the transition easier for staff and hopefully improving the atmosphere in your new office. You can even think about new additions such as vending machines and, moving on to the next point, office plants.


Lots of people simply like the look of plants and greenery, but there is a link between office plants and improved staff morale. Biophilic design is the technical name, and studies at The University of Exeter showed that workplaces which introduced plants and flowers saw a marked increase in productivity and well-being.

If you haven’t already factored plants into your plans for your office move, then now is the time. At the very least, plants add a little colour to any space to lift the mood.

Nu InStore

While you’re thinking about improving the new space you’re moving into, have you considered the kind of amenities available to staff? Depending on the location of your new premises, there may not be a great range of lunch or snack options within a suitable distance.

You can eliminate this issue through Nu InStore, our dedicated in-house facility. It’s like having a regular, local shop fitted within your site. We tailor the size and variety of items to your staff and, via a self-service system, staff can easily take a break and get everything they need. This is designed to increase staff productivity and morale by showing you care about their well-being, helping to retain staff.

Morale is important for staff, especially during a relocation – to create a happy workforce, don’t underestimate the importance of snacks and drinks. Get in touch with our team at Nu Vending today to discuss which vending services could improve your new premises and give you the best possible fresh start.