Millions of people feel like they need a coffee before they can fully get going at work. Whether it’s an office job or a more physically active role, coffee is the chosen drink of choice to perk us up in the morning ahead of another day’s effort. But what are the actual benefits of coffee? Whether you like a latte, a cappuccino or you drink it black, read on to find out about the benefits of drinking coffee at work. 



It’s a stress-reliever

While caffeine is known to make us more alert, the actual process of getting a coffee can serve to de-stress us. Typically, getting a coffee is a social event that allows us to mingle with our colleagues or just take a little bit of time away from our desks. Doing this at the start of the work day or just after completing a task is like a little reward, and helps keep us happy.


It boosts productivity

This is perhaps the benefit that most people associate with coffee at work. As the caffeine in coffee makes us more alert, this serves to boost our productivity – this extra hum of energy means we feel like we can get more done.


How does hunger affect the body?

Hunger takes a toll on us in a number of different ways, from the mental to the physical. Let’s take a look at how it can affect us, particularly in the workplace. 


Hunger can cloud your judgement

Studies have shown that hunger activates extra nerve cells that control perception. When we’re hungry at work, our decision making can be affected as we’re distracted by the feelings of hunger we’re experiencing.


Hunger can affect our concentration

Our brains convert the food we eat into glucose, which helps us concentrate and stay alert. If we don’t eat, our brains can’t use glucose to keep us ticking. If we’re just a little bit peckish, we can usually ignore it and carry on with our work. However, when we’re ravenous – maybe we skipped breakfast, or lunchtime is approaching – it can become very distracting, taking our focus away from work.

In the current climate, people are understandably concerned about venturing to coffee shops, supermarkets and cafes to get their lunch or a snack.


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